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Business Analyst Professional

It's becoming clearer every day: the role of the business analyst is more valuable and important today than ever before.
Business analysts are more than just requirements gatherers; they conduct gap analysis, write feasibility studies, develop case studies, serve as the hub of communications, and identify problems, solutions, and opportunities. Business analysts are the liaisons for human resources, marketing, sales, and other lines of business and the technology that's driving the business.
The cost of implementing technology correctly can be expensive and time-consuming. The cost of implementing technology incorrectly can be disastrous to an organization's bottom line. The business analyst can identify root causes, understand how the solution is to operate, document the problem the stakeholders are experiencing, and then work with experts to identify spot-on solutions

Course description


1 What is Business Analysis?    
2 Key Elements of Business Analysis    
2.1 Requirements Elicitation & Analysis    
2.2 Process Analysis & Definition    
2.3 Use Cases    
2.4 Benchmarking    
2.5 Dashboards & Scorecards    
2.6 Business Cases    
3 Other Elements of Business Analysis    
3.1 Feasibility Studies    
3.2 Organization Assessment/study    
4 Business Analysis Techniques    
4.1 Brainstorming    
4.2 Document Analysis
4.3 Focus Groups    
4.4 Interviewing    
4.5 Observation    
4.6 Prototyping    
4.7 Collaboration Workshops    
4.8 Surveying/Questionnaires    
4.9 Cause and Effect Diagrams    
4.10 Value Tree    
5 Files/Templates/Guides    
5.1 BABOK    
5.2 Requirements Elicitation & Analysis    
5.3 Process Analysis & Definition    
5.4 Use Cases    
5.5 Benchmarking    
5.6 Dashboards & Scorecards    
5.7 Other Elements    
6 Accreditation/Certification    

7. Toos
7.1 - Micorsoft Visio
7.2 - Tabelue


 Great explanation of concepts through live examples, this helped me to link the topics and understand the connect between various topics . Excellent. Great learning experience.. Thanks a lot !

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