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Microsoft Azure

Demonstrate your expertise in Microsoft cloud technologies and advance your career by earning an Azure-related certification in platform, development, or data based on your skills and requirements. 4Achievers offers Microsoft windows azure certification courses to explain how to create, deploy and manage .NET applications on Windows Azure that consists of main modules pertaining to Microsoft Azure Fundamentals training and Microsoft Azure Infrastructure Solutions training course.

A highly efficient cloud operating system from Windows, Azure also offers service hosting, service management and development facilities. Getting a Microsoft Azure certification will help you differentiate yourself and validate your knowledge and skills.


4Achievers is the best training institute in Noida for Microsoft Azure 

Course description

Microsoft Azure Infra                                        Duration- 1.5to 2 .00 Months

Module 1. Introduction to Azure

1.1 Cloud technology overview

1.2 Overview of Azure

1.3 Managing Azure with the Azure portal

1.4 Managing Azure with Windows PowerShell

1.5 Overview of Azure Resource Manager

1.6 Azure management services

Module 2. Implementing and managing Azure networking

2.1 Overview of Azure networking

2.2 Implementing and managing Azure virtual networks

2.3 Configuring Azure virtual networks

2.4 Configuring Azure virtual network connectivity

2.5 Overview of Azure networking in an infrastructure as a service (IaaS) version 1 (v1) 

Module 3. Implementing virtual machines

3.1 Overview of IaaS v2 virtual machines

3.2 Planning for Azure virtual machines

3.3 Deploying Azure IaaS v2 virtual machines

3.4 Authoring Azure Resource Manager templates

3.5 Overview of IaaS v1 virtual machines

Module 4. Managing virtual machines

4.1 Configuring virtual machines

4.2 Configuring virtual machine disks

4.3 Managing and monitoring Azure virtual machines

4.4 Managing IaaS v1 virtual machines

Module 5. Implementing Azure App services

5.1 Introduction to App Service

5.2 Planning app deployment in App Service

5.3 Implementing and maintaining web apps

5.4 Configuring web apps

5.5 Monitoring web apps and WebJobs

5.6 Implementing mobile apps

5.7 Traffic Manager

Module 6. Planning and implementing storage, backup, and recovery services

6.1 Planning storage

6.2 Implementing and managing storage

6.3 Implementing Azure Content Delivery Networks

6.4 Implementing Azure Backup

6.5 Planning for and implementing Azure Site Recovery

Module 7. Planning and implementing Azure SQL Database

7.1 Planning and deploying Azure SQL Database

7.2 Implementing and managing Azure SQL Database

7. 3Managing Azure SQL Database security

7.4 Monitoring Azure SQL Database

7.5 Managing Azure SQL Database business continuity

Module 8. Implementing PaaS cloud services

8.1 Planning and deploying PaaS cloud services

8.2 Managing and maintaining cloud services

Module 9. Implementing Azure Active Directory

9.1 Creating and managing Azure AD tenants

9.2 Configuring application and resource access with Azure AD

9.3 Overview of Azure AD Premium

Module 10. Managing Active Directory in a hybrid environment

10.1 Extending on-premises Active Directory domain to Azure

10.2 Implementing directory synchronization by using Azure AD Connect

10.3 Implementing federation 

Module 11. Implementing Azure-based management and automation

11.1 Implementing Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) 

11.2 Implementing Azure Automation

11.3 Implementing Automation runbooks

11.4 Managing Azure Automation


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