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4achievers is facilitating global competitive Selenium training programs. We offer training with certified trainers with real time experience. Selenium training course give you step by step procedure to deal with testing procedures and methodologies as a reference guide. We share different types of questions asked in various interviews, conduct mock interview sessions, Resume samples to our learners. We'll give assignments to our students and each assignment will be reviews at weekend to focus more. Our cloud computing labs will allow you to practice more to get engage with any project as soon as possible you finish the course. Our training batches will be available for weekend and weekdays as per your convenience. Once you join in our course you will be associated to use our video library on testing courses will give you an in-depth knowledge complete test concepts along with comprehensive selenium interview questions with answers. If you join with us you will experience the class room training with our virtual class room training and be a leader in software testing.

Course description

Unique features of Selenium course:?

  • Learner centric online training.
  • Tailor made online curriculum.
  • Real time expertise faculty from IT Giants.
  • World class training methods.
  • Comprehensive online course material.
  • 24/7 access to videos, subject material, blogs and forums.
  • Interactive learning sessions.

How much java to learn for Selenium

  • OOPS - Encapsulation, Abstraction, Inheritance, Polymorphism
  • Introduction to Class, instance variable, instance methods, class variable, class method, Object
  • Constructor, Abstract Class, Interface, method overloading, method overriding, Package
  • Loops - To execute same statements time and again, for example logging in for 5 different accounts using same method
  • Arrays - You don't want to keep writing variables all overs you test scripts

Understanding Selenium and Element location techniques

  • What is Selenium? Selenium Suite of tools - Selenium IDE, Selenium 1, Selenium 2 and Grid
  • Limitations of Selenium 1 and how Selenium 2 addresses them
  • Which Selenium tools fits my needs - Selenium IDE, Selenium 2 or Grid?
  • Object location strategies - id, name, xPath, css selectors - Which one to use and when? Using Firebug and Chrome Console

Beginning with WebDdriver and writing your first Selenium tests

  • Using nth locator in CSS
  • Selenium IDE
  • Firefox and Chrome Driver
  • Basics of TestNG framework and using it with Selenium

Beginning with WebDdriver and writing your first Selenium tests

  • Java Collection framework - List and Set
  • Map class
  • Page object pattern for writing robust Selenium tests

Test Design

  • Page Object Revisited
  • Optimizing Page Object methods
  • Using TestNG data provider method to do data driven testing
  • Executing javascript from WebDriver

Test Design cont. and Introduction to Maven

  • Page Factory Pattern
  • Data externalization using properties files
  • Capture application screen shot only during test failure (TestNG + Selenium)
  • Introduction to Maven and mavenizing your Selenium project

Test Design cont. Introduction to Selenium grid

  • Soft assertion in Test (continuing test execution of method even if one assert fails)
  • Using csv file for test data, Watching test data in TestNG Report
  • Using Selenium Grid to scale your tests

Jenkins Marries Selenium

  • Introduction to jenkins
  • Download and Install jenkins
  • Set up free style project to find version of java
  • Set up Selenium project for jenkins
  • Configure maven on jenkins
  • Build maven2 Selenium project and runn Job
  • View TestNG results
  • Using Jenkins plugin

SeleniumTestsFramework (STF)

  • Step by step reporting SeleniumTestsFramework (STF)


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