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Future in Software Testing 

Software Testing Scope is an inquiry undertaken to provide stakeholders with data on the performance of a particular product or service being tested. Application testing, in other words, is a verification and validation process.Test techniques include, but are not limited to, the execution process of a program or application for the purpose of finding software bugs (errors or other defects). Wikipedia A tester is expected to know the application to be tested in order to test it, plus the tools needed to test it. It can often be very specialized, and you may need to be trained by your employer. You need to be very organized to be a good tester, Logical, careful, cautious and detailed.Testing has become crucial for several implementation of applications / products and companies have begun to realize the importance of structured testing of applications prior to release.

Recently, testing has been seen by many as a good professional career. One can evolve from being a test engineer to being a senior test engineer, from being a test lead to being a test director; or alternatively, one can become a QA leader or a QA manager. In fact, the possibilities on the side of the testing tools are enormous. In addition to quality management tools such as HP Quality Center, IBM CQTM, etc., there are a range of practical, performance, security testing tools. The Software Testing domain's growth prospects are enormous. According to the Gartner Forecast, the market will be worth $50 million with a 14 percent forecast CAGR by 2014.Professional software testers are now in high demand and are sought after in the industry. You can either join an independent software testing company or join a leading company's internal software testing team. Nowadays, demand for niche skills such as SOA testers, security testers, etc. is high due to a huge shortage of skills in test automation areas. Nevertheless, the fact that specialization is a must in a testing career must be kept in mind–one must specialize in going forward in the testing career path. Here are some of the specialization key areas: Domain Knowledge -Automation Testing Tools Knowledge ,Professional Certifications, Best Known Areas In Testing Depending on their level of experience, testers were paid good salaries. Testers are compensated as well as developers in most businesses, and they may even be paid more than developers in the case of some smaller firms. Finding a good tester is difficult, and the opportunities for growth are big. Check for software testing jobs in your field so you can find out which technology to test and which software to use to help you figure out what's wrong with the code. At least, you will know how to use the company's primary commodity. For example, if you wanted to work for SAS, you would need to know the SAS suite of software tools they create, update and sell.

4Achievers’s Software Testing Training Course

Education in qualification assessment technology is an integrated education solution offered by 4Achievers. The training program includes an online training program for HP ALM research and CTFL training. Upon completing the training, candidates receive HP certificate of completion of the program. Following the training in HP Software Testing, candidates may choose to seek ISTQB CTFL exam and obtain ISTQB CTFL certification. Through this training program, applicants will be educated on the skills required for software testing with additional expertise on test design, static techniques, etc. 4Achievers offers qualification training for software testing in blended learning methods.

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