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If you think that the internet has changed your life, think again. The Internet of Things is about to change it all over again!
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Internet things

If you’re new to Internet of Things (IoT) and want to leverage itacross business functions, then this introductory course is for you.

If you’re new to Internet of Things (IoT) and want to leverage it across business functions, then this introductory course is for you. You’ll geta glimpse into the ever-growing field of IoT, a technology that allows the intelligent exchange of data among a network of Internet-connected objects. You will learn the core building blocks, frameworks and architectures of IoT, integrate IoT into business solutions, and harness the power of IoT to reduce operating costs and improve efficiencies. 

The primary objective of this Introduction to IoT training course is to give you insights into the bright and exciting future of the Internet Of Things (IoT). The course will familiarize you with IoT concepts, origin,impact, methodologies and tools, and how IoT is integrated into business applications to improve business results. You will learn how IoT components are interconnected, how they communicate, and how they add value to cross-enterprise data. The course will also expose you to common security and privacy issues, standards policies and how to achieve business optimization and efficiency with IoT.  

An overview of IoT, including its origin and impact
Building blocks of IoT, how they are connected and how they communicate with each other
IoT design and development considerations, frameworks and architectures
Security considerations, including common IoT security breaches and solutions  
Real-world industry-relevant business opportunities with IoT

This IoT Certification course caters to CXO level and middle management professionals who want to enhance business value and ROI leveraging IOT. 4Achievers Introduction to IoT training course is ideal for anyone who wishes to learn the fundamentals of IoT or pursue a career in this growing field. IoT has applications in many industries including healthcare, structural health monitoring,manufacturing, transportation, and much more.

The field of IoT is expanding at a rapid rate, and it is becoming increasingly important for business professionals to understand what it is, how it works, and how to harness its power to improve business. This course will show you how to leverage IoT in your business, create new business opportunities and benefit from revenue generated by advanced IoT business models and services. By connecting a wide range of devices to the internet,

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